Starch Sweeteners Production การผลิตสารให้ความหวานจากแป้ง

           The growth of the economy and the increase in population led the demand for sugar has increased rapidly, while manufacturers developed a taste of sugar and new ingredient developed together such as starch sweeteners production.

            Denko Thai undertake turnkey for starch sweeteners production process.  Our process design and expertise technology is to produce high and stable quality sweeteners which start process from raw materials such as tapioca (cassava) native starch which commonly used as source in Thailand and turning them into liquid sweeteners and crystalline products.

            Our highlight technologies including liquefaction, saccharification, filtration (MF,NF)membrane, ion exchange resin, decolorization, evaporation, concentration, chromatography and crystallization we offers high performance, cost effective process, energy saving and we are also extremely conscious of our environment. Our starch sweeteners production process are as follow :

                        1 Maltodextrin syrup solids

                        2 Glucose syrups

                        3 High – Fructose syrups (42%, 55% and 90% HFCS)

                        4 Fructose Crystalline (99.5%)

                        5 Dextrose Crystalline and Dextrose syrups

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